Delivery Charges

Online Shop Postage and Packaging

All items are delivered by Royal Mail. Postage and packaging is calculated on weight, starting with the minimum charge of £4.25 for an item of 1kg or less. If multiple items are ordered, shipping will be calculated based on the weight of the heaviest item.

If no weight is specified, the product falls into the 0-1kg shipping category.


Over 0kg and up to and including 1kg



Over 1kg and up to and including 2kg



Over 2kg and up to and including 5kg



Over 5kg and up to and including 10kg



Over 10kg and up to and including 15kg



Can I Pay by Credit Card?

Yes. While payment is taken through PayPal, if you do not have a PayPal account you can pay with a credit card at the PayPal payment screen. Simply choose to pay by card, or if you prefer to pay with PayPal you can log in and do so.

Why have I received an email stating order complete some time after I received my item(s)?

Sometimes we get a little busy and don’t always get time to close off orders on the website as soon as they are posted out. If this happens, it’s just because life has taken over a little. We apologise in advance if this is the case.

Do you accept orders from outside the UK?

Unfortunately we cannot process overseas orders through the online shop. However if you would like to order from outside the UK please email us and we will calculate postage and take your order.