‘Flurry Knox’ by Pam Lewis


This beautiful, well written and naturally humorous book by Pam Lewis is a must read for any Whippet lover out there! It is a fantastic read for someone who
is thinking of having a Whippet for the first time, or even someone who is the the lucky owner of a Whippet/s already.
It goes through the early stages of a Whippet, right from being a young pup. It is very candid and a perfect introduction to the joys of owning a Whippet.
It portrays how they can amuse, entertain and give copious amounts of love and affection. If you have already experienced this joyful event, then laugh and
nod your head at Flurry Knox’s experiences.

Pam very kindly produced this book personally for the JR Whippet Rescue and all proceeds of the sales will go straight to the charity, so a massive thanks to Pam!

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